Can own contribution be a loan?

Are you planning a large investment? Do you need a lot of cash? Do you want to take a solid loan or loan? Unfortunately, most institutions in the financial sector with large liabilities require their customers to make their own contribution. What is own contribution and what can it constitute?

What is own contribution?


Own contribution is the amount that the borrower, when incurring a monetary obligation, e.g. for the purchase of an apartment or house, covers from his own pocket.

In practice, this means that with a mortgage the bank does not allow a loan for 100% investment, but requires the customer to make its own savings.

Money from the loan and own contribution

Money from the loan and own contribution

Many consumers wonder whether the own contribution may be funds obtained as a result of a credit or loan agreement. Unfortunately, banking institutions do not allow this possibility. First and foremost, the receivable considerably weakens the customer’s creditworthiness, and it is difficult to get two high loans at the same time.

Own contribution is a lot of possibilities

Own contribution does not have to be only cash. Many banks allow the use of funds accumulated on accounts for this purpose, including an individual retirement account or an individual retirement account. The savings put on the so-called housing booklet are also significant here. In addition, another option is the value of a house, apartment or construction plot.

Installment loan Good Finance Now


The own contribution increases every year. It currently ranges from 15-20% depending on the institution granting the loan. Therefore, the problem arises when a given customer cannot take a loan because he or she does not have their own savings to finance the target investment at least partially.

Even the Good Finance installment loan will not be taken into account in this respect. However, this form of assistance can become a good alternative to traditional support.

Good Finance loans and credit

It is true that the Good Finance installment loan is not as high as the loan. Good Finance loans reach an upper limit of PLN 20,000 and this is only for trusted clients. Despite the fact that for this amount we will not buy a flat or a house, nothing stands in the way of supporting these funds in a different context.

Own contribution can be borrowed from loved ones or friends for a short period. Once we have settled all the formalities in the bank, nothing prevents you from incurring a small commitment with a view to paying off this amount.