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In the free payday loans section you will find a list with all offers of companies providing free payday loans. There are a lot of suggestions for taking free payday loans via the Internet , so we hope that the transparent list we present to you will be helpful in making your decision.

Let’s first explain what free payday loans really are. Free payday loans are characterized by low loan amounts that we can take, as well as a short payback period.

Online payday loans for free


When choosing a payday loan, which is not free, a representative example would be: Loan cost PLN 3,200 (we borrow as much), commission in the amount of PLN 517.70, interest will amount to PLN 26.30, APRC is 575.50%, i.e. 30 repayments on PLN 3744. In many companies, we have the option of extending the repayment period, usually by 7, 14 or 30 days. On average, you should take into account the cost of about 400, 500 PLN for the service of postponing the repayment date.

As you can see in the example above, payday loans generate additional costs. To avoid maintenance costs, administrative expenses and interest is best to use free chwilówek. Let’s look at a representative example of a free payday loan over the Internet: We borrow 3,000 PLN for 30 days, the commission is 0 PLN, interest 0 PLN, the APRC is 0%, so together to repay after 30 days equal 3,000 PLN – that is the sum we borrowed.

Many customers will think that they would like every loan to be payday loan free. In this case, the best solution would be to use the Good Finance loan comparator and taking out payday loans by the listings available on the website in the free payday loans section. Why do we suggest such a solution? One should know that the promotion of free payday pay usually applies only to new customers who, in a given quick loan company, incur a financial commitment for the first time. You have to pay for each subsequent payday fee via the Internet.

What is payday pay for free?

What is payday pay for free?

One of the characteristics of the offers of non-bank financial institutions is payday pay for free. This is an offer for new customers. They can request lower payday amounts for free. The permanent borrower incurs standard loan costs, but in this case the maximum loan amount is higher. When we apply for the first time, the APRC will be 0%, which means using payday loans for free. We pay exactly as much as we borrowed. We don’t have to worry about costs such as commission, preparation fee or interest.

Free payday pay is a consequence of growing competition on the non-bank financial market. New offers are introduced almost every day, which is why every customer is a lender at a premium. Instant pay for free allows us to use the money received for any purpose. In this way we can finance a holiday trip, gifts for loved ones, equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the household or other pleasures. The lender does not require us to provide information about what we will use cash from payday loans for free. We get complete freedom.

As the name implies, payday loans for free are a short-term commitment. Traditionally, the loan period should be 30 days. However, to attract the customer’s attention, lenders are increasingly choosing to extend their repayment dates. In this way, we have the option of using payday loans for free for up to 61 days. In addition, loan companies offer their applicants various promotions, under which, for a specified period, the loan period of 30 days changes to 45 or more. There is no doubt, however, that such obligations should be approached reasonably, because it is our duty to pay them back on time.

The free payday loan assumes timely repayment. It happens that lenders offer their clients the opportunity to extend the loan period, but very often the first payday loan for free is excluded from this service. In this case, if we fail to pay the loan back on time, the free payday loan turns into a standard offer. In addition, we must take into account the consequences of late repayment, which are interest for delay or possible costs for reminders and reminders.

First payday for free

First payday for free

The first payday loan for free is the rebate given by the lender to its new customers. As a result, we don’t have to worry about the cost of the loan. However, attention should be paid to restrictions on the amount of financial support. Currently, the free payday loan is a maximum of PLN 6,000. Despite this, deciding on such a high short-term commitment, we need to carefully analyze our finances so that the free first payday loan does not deprive us of liquidity. What does it mean? What should you pay attention to when using the first payday loan promotion for free?

When making any financial decision, we must first look at your home budget. This is a statement of our income and expenses. The free payday loan releases us from paying the repayment costs, but still obliges us to refund the amount due. If we subtract the amount of monthly living costs and income, we will receive the sum that we are able to spend on repayment. This will be the first criterion for choosing the right promotion offer free first payday loan. If our budget assumes that after a month we will not be able to pay the debt, then you can look for a lender who assumes a refund after two months or 45 days. It is also worth determining the exact amount of the loan that we need to take to finance our needs.