Purchase of consumer credit (amount, duration, conditions …).

Created in 1951 in a difficult economic situation, the credit house Lecuatro offers consumer loans to help the French to equip themselves (furniture, vehicles…) as well as cash. In 2013, Lecuatro absorbed the finance company Casret. These two brands become commercial brands of Consumer Finance Calegri Credit which allows them to offer innovative offers such as the purchase of credits. Do credit consolidation solutions allow a consumer to become more agile as the new slogan of this institution stipulates?

Lecuatro and the solution for buying back credits

Lecuatro and the solution for buying back credits

When a citizen contracts a loan, he must repay it according to the conditions set out in the loan offer. Several reasons can invite a consumer to resort to a loan. Here are some examples :

  • The need to finance a vehicle.
  • The desire to go on a trip without having to save for months.
  • The need to buy furniture.
  • The need to equip oneself.
  • The need for cash to pay unpaid or cover a bank overdraft.

A consumer with a debt ratio greater than 33% must not be able to take out loans. Credit companies (or banking organizations) must logically reject the application.

Having credits from different creditors makes managing your bank account more difficult. And for good reason, the total amount of the sum of the different monthly payments due is heavy, unbalancing the budget. To live more serenely, Lecuatro proposes the grouping of credits.

Consolidate consumer credit into one loan; here is Lecuatro’s solution. The credit house does not buy home loans. How it works? Above all, it must be known that the redemption of credits is a repayable loan that will have to be repaid. In opting for this solution, one must be aware that there is a real commitment on the part of the borrower. To ensure that the borrower is able to honor his contract, the company Lecuatro studies the files with the greatest attention. Proofs proving the personal situation as professional and financial are required. No consumer credit application form will be accepted if the applicant does not want to meet this requirement.

The Lecuatro offer for credit buybacks is as follows:

  • The minimum amount is $ 3,000
  • The maximum amount is $ 100,000.
  • The duration varies between 36 and 96 months when the amount of the loan does not exceed 20 000 $.
  • The duration varies between 36 and 120 months when the amount of the loan exceeds 20 000 $.
  • The applicable interest rate is fixed. It is defined at the time of the loan offer.
  • Fees are charged. (1% of the amount borrowed within a limit of 150 $)

Lecuatro listens to the needs of consumers. If the consumer wants to reduce the amount of his monthly payments, he will have to spread his debt over a longer period. It is recalled that the longer the duration of the amortizable loan, the higher the total cost of credit.

Be accompanied by a Lecuatro advisor

Be accompanied by a Lecuatro advisor

If from the online portal Lecuatro., you can perform a simulation, it is sometimes valuable to directly contact credit experts.