Which is more profitable – a loan or a debit?

Debit on the account, like payday payday, raises mixed feelings in many of us. In both cases, the reluctance to use one of these financial products is simply due to their ignorance. Meanwhile, it turns out that the devil is not as terrible as they paint him.

Debit and loans are proven ways to support your home budget and raise extra cash – the choice depends only on our financial needs, attitude to dealing with formalities and the preferred time of debt repayment. What is more profitable – a loan or a debit? Which solution will be best for us? Let’s find out.

Ways to borrow money – analyzing offers


Before we begin the time-consuming research in the world of account debits and loans, let’s make sure that we do not want to use other products available on the market. We also have credit cards and loans at non-bank companies. The first option requires an unblemished reputation as a bank customer, the second option is used if you don’t have creditworthiness. Thanks to a credit card, especially gold or platinum, we can borrow larger sums (up to PLN 100,000), deciding to cooperate with a parabank, we can count on support of several thousand PLN.

The costs of these products depend, generally speaking, on the timeliness of debt repayments – if we do not have a problem with this, a cheaper solution will be a credit card. In the case of payday loans, failure to meet the deadlines results in high penalties that significantly increase the total cost of the loan. Are none of these suggestions tempting us? In that case, we have the choice: loan or debit?

Overdraft on the account

Overdraft is a quick and cheap method of obtaining money, especially if we care mainly about “emergency” measures, in the event that we run out of cash at the end of the month. It is a product directly related to the personal account of the bank’s client, whose functioning can be somewhat compared to a revolving loan.

Not every account holder can apply for an overdraft (or, otherwise, anyone can try, but only those who enjoy the trust of the institution will get it).

Any doubts about the question loan or debit, will also help dispel the article DEBET ON ACCOUNT – HOW DOES IT WORK?

Who has the chance of a debit limit?

Regular customers have the best chance of overdraft. Based on the history of inflows to the account and the entire credit history, the bank decides to create such an option. Sometimes it even happens without unnecessary formalities, if we have earned the status of a really solid and reliable customer.

Overdraft usually applies to amounts that are multiple (often three times) of our monthly revenue. We can only use the funds granted until you reach the set limit. What’s more, each payment to the account (salaries, returns etc.) causes the repayment of the debt and the renewal of the debit. Interest is calculated only on the amounts we used, so we have constant control over additional costs. Undoubtedly, it is difficult in the case of loans and credits.