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Do you remember in 2010, when superiors at GM’s Chevrolet division issued a directive asking employees to stop using “Chevy” and instead use “Chevrolet” when referring to their brand? ? When I heard this on network news, I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st! This memo was certainly not yet in effect when the quote was introduced, as radio and television jingles blared the lyrics “Chevy Citation!”

My recent story on the Subaru Brat prompted an email from OCC reader Greg Stricker of St. Charles, Missouri, who went into detail about the Brat he owned and rode the wheels of for several years, but a compact two-seat pickup just wasn’t practical for the Strickers, with a newborn girl as a passenger. So, in late 1980, Greg and his wife drove to the local Chevy dealership in Baden, Missouri, and picked out a “Chevy” Citation four-door hatchback that was on the lot. It was pretty much a bare-bones example except for the V-6 engine and automatic transmission. Greg would go on to install an aftermarket stereo in the car…and NO, he didn’t buy it from CMC, my employer at the time.

The Citation served the family well for the next five years until Greg traded it in for a Dodge Caravan. That’s what many young and growing families did back then.

The quotes were relatively short, covering the 1980-1985 model years. They succeeded the Chevy Nova and the first Chevrolets to have a front-wheel-drive platform.

The new quotes have been well received by consumers. With a price starting at just under $6,000 ($23,832 in today’s dollars), sales were quick from the start, totaling 811,540 for the year, making the Citation the best-selling car ever. in the United States for the 1980 model year.

Greg Stricker is a retired AT&T, IT employee who now spends his free time making wine.

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