Abandoned dogs in Hollister lead to criminal citation

(KRON) – A person who admitted to abandoning 23 dogs in an after-hours kennel outside Hollister Animal Shelter has received a criminal citation for animal abandonment, according to a statement from the Hollister Police Department. The initial incident took place on August 24, 2020 at around 8:15 a.m.

Hollister animal control officers discovered 20 terrier-type dogs left in kennels after hours. Of the 20, only one was microchipped. Officers made numerous attempts to contact the registered owner, but were unsuccessful in retrieving their dog.

The animals each served their state-mandated detention period and were then sent to the rescue. The microchipped dog was later adopted.

On May 29, 2022, three more terrier-type dogs were discovered in one of the after-hours kennels. It was determined that the dogs were potentially abandoned. Animal control officers investigated and reviewed security footage of the incident.

A person of interest who resides in Santa Clara County has been identified. This person’s name and address matched the microchip information of the chipped dog left in the after-hours kennels during the previous incident.

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The individual was contacted and admitted to abandoning the dogs because he could no longer care for them. Animal control officers issued a citation for violation of CP 597s(a) — Abandonment of Animals.

Hollister Animal Shelter states that it is illegal to abandon an animal of your own at the shelter or in any public place. Anyone wishing to surrender an animal must do so during the hours of operation of their county animal care facility.

Kevin A. Perras