AC Ace RS launched as short-term combustion special

AC Cars, based in Surrey, has recently focused on electrification, with almost every model in its range now available in pure electric form. But before the battery became the norm, he decided to reveal what could be one of his last combustion engine models with the new Ace RS sequel. Order books are open now, with prices starting at £ 89,500. The first deliveries are expected in summer 2022.

Originally produced by AC Cars from 1953, the Ace was the car that eventually became the iconic Cobra, with Carroll Shelby negotiating a deal to fit a Ford V8 into its small body in 1961. This continuation model 2021 is based on the model from the following year, but abandons its inline six for a powerful four.

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The 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine used was tuned to 350 hp and a healthy torque of 325 lb-ft, a power unit familiar to the Ford Mustang and Ford Focus ST. AC Cars cites a 0-62mph time of 5.8 seconds – that puts it three-tenths and 44lb-ft behind the more expensive all-electric variant, but the power-to-weight ratio is on the side of the Combustion ace. Both variants have a curb weight of around 1,000 kg, but the EV’s low output of 268 hp puts it quite far behind.

Company CEO Alan Lubinsky said: “The original Ace was the archetypal British sports car – fast, light and agile and a true classic of its generation that inspired the world classic, the iconic AC Cobra Our new AC Ace RS model has all of these virtues and more, brought together in an updated package that retains a traditional feel and rider appeal in a total weight of just 1000kg. The AC Ace RS is similar in detail and identical in appearance to the original 1962 AC Ace. ‘

You’ll pay £ 89,500 for the AC Ace RS, but consider the £ 130,000 price tag of its all-electric sibling and it doesn’t sound that high. Order books are now open with first deliveries scheduled for summer 2022.

Kevin A. Perras

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