Arrests After Pursuit + Stolen Hotdog + Citation After Crash: Police

GREENFIELD, WI – A police pursuit of a vehicle on 27th Street in the early morning of April 19 ended near Oklahoma Avenue, but two people were arrested after police located the suspicious vehicle at the registered address of its owner, according to the latest logs from the Greenfield Police Department.

One person was arrested for obstruction while the other was arrested for felony escape, according to the newspapers.

Here’s a rundown of other notable departmental newspapers from April 18 through Sunday:

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  • A resident of the 3100 block of American Drive told police he saw people trying to break into a Kia around 6 p.m. Tuesday, according to newspapers. The vehicle the people arrived in was reported stolen by Oak Creek police.
  • A woman in the 4200 block of 89th Street told police on Thursday she had trouble with a porcupine in her yard and let her dog out, according to newspapers. Police told the caller to notify animal control if the porcupine returned.
  • A caller in the 5400 block of Forest Home Avenue told police Thursday that his sedan had been stolen, but when on the phone he spotted the car in the center of the road a block away without no one is sitting in it, according to the newspapers. The person’s car had actually skidded, according to the newspapers.
  • An employee of a business in the 3700 block of 108th Street told police there was a raccoon in their building chewing on ropes. The raccoon was still in the building and inside the walls after the employee called Friday, and police told management to contact animal control or DNR, according to the reports.
  • Someone has been cited for operating while intoxicated and failing to maintain control of a vehicle after someone saw it in the median after hitting several construction cones around 1am on Saturday near 60th Street and Allerton Avenue, according to police logs.
  • Someone was cited for operating while intoxicated after a three-car accident around 6 p.m. Saturday near 84th Street and Coldspring Road, according to the newspapers.
  • An employee of a business in the 4200 block of 60th Street told police that a young woman and an older man were stealing hot dogs and other food around 10 p.m. Sunday, according to the newspapers. The suspects were seen fleeing north on 60th Street.

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Kevin A. Perras