BAE Systems Enters Electric Aircraft Power Management and Engine Control Systems Market

BAE Systems is expanding its presence in the aircraft electrification market to include power management and engine control systems. (BAE systems)

BAE Systems Expands Presence in Aircraft Electrification Market to Include Power Management and Engine Control Systems for Hybrid and Fully Electric Aircraft – both Regional / Business Jets and Systems of urban air mobility.

“We are combining our experience in power management of hybrid ground buses with our experience in flight and engine controls to enter the power management market for hybrid and all-electric aircraft,” said said Yeshwanth Premkumar, head of business development and strategy for BAE Systems. aircraft electrification program. “Right now, we are busy developing new energy management systems and combining them with controls for hybrid engines for regional jets and turboprop engines. This new development allows us to advance our proven energy management and control technology and work on hybrid electric demonstrations in the future. “

Citing the growing interest of airlines in reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions, BAE Systems plans to deliver these systems to the next generation of aircraft propulsion systems.

“This is really a natural progression for our business, as our engine controls support an installation base of over 30,000 aircraft,” added Premkumar.

In August 2019, BAE announced its entry into the aircraft electrification market, primarily focusing on energy management, flight control and power conversion systems for electrical take-off and aircraft systems. vertical landings (eVTOL).

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