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BOONE – After months of complaints, Watauga County attorney issued a summons to Boone Cottages demanding the disposal of accumulated solid waste that has accumulated in the dumpsters at the apartment complex at Fallview Lane and Mesa Circle.

According to Major Kelly Redmon of the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office, on October 15, Watauga County Attorney Anthony diSanti issued a summons notice which was served on the property manager in person and sent to the cottages offices. . According to this quote, the Cottages of Boone have until October 29 to correct solid waste issues.

Although the site inspection has not yet been completed, photos taken by the Watauga Democrat on October 20 show that much of the solid waste from the Cottages of Boone has been disposed of in recent weeks.

If the cleaning is not satisfactory to the inspector, the fine will be $ 100 per day until the property is in full compliance with the Solid Waste Ordinance, which does not allow owners, occupants or tenants to deposit, store or accumulate waste that is not disposed of properly. In addition, the ordinance stipulates that solid waste must be disposed of at “reasonable intervals” to ensure that the waste does not have an impact on health and safety.

Littering in apartments was a constant problem throughout the fall.

According to Redmon, the first complaint was received on August 23, indicating that several Cottages of Boone dumpsters had not been emptied since July 20. The complaint indicated that garbage was piling up around dumpsters, in front of several residences and scattered around. throughout the property of the Cottages.

On August 26, the area was inspected and each of the four on-site dumpsters was filled to capacity and overflowing, according to Redmon. Further inspection revealed trash and furniture piled up in front of several units as well as throughout the property.

Redmon said during that inspection, property manager Rosa Hernandez was contacted about this. She told the sheriff’s office that she had scheduled the dumpster pickup, and the garbage removal company was supposed to drop off empty containers and pick up full ones, and within 10 days to bring the property. in accordance with the solid waste Ordinance, the issue had been resolved.

However, when the Cottages of Boone was re-inspected on September 21, the property had again started to accumulate an unacceptable amount of trash. The Cottages of Boone have again had 10 days to resolve the ongoing waste issue and management has requested an extension.

“Whenever the Cottages party has made efforts to reduce the ongoing garbage problem, the last site visit by MPs was on October 1 and it does not appear that progress has been made in establishing a systematic plan. to keep green boxes and wheeled containers emptied, ”Redmon said.

Property manager Hernandez did not respond to inquiries from the Watauga Democrat from publication.

As the student apartment complex comes under scrutiny for its sewage discharge to Laurel Fork Creek, residents of the Cottages of Boone have been battling the build-up of trash simultaneously for many months.

Sophie Meade, a sophomore at App State, lives in an apartment directly across from the overloaded dumpsters.

“Just overflowing, furniture that sits there for weeks, rats, vultures… all of it,” Meade said.

By now, although much of the trash has been removed, Meade said it still smelled like her apartment. Walking past the houses, Meade said there was trash everywhere, including in the bushes and on the streets, and that in the morning when she was backing up from her car, she crushed beer bottles and cans .

According to Meade, residents received little communication about the trash situation and were not given an explanation as to why the trash was not being picked up.

Overall, Meade said she was disappointed with the management of the apartment and her experience at the Cottages of Boone.

“I’m concerned about the environment and the fact that I live here and the resort does things like that and I have no control over it, it goes against everything that I stand for and that” is such a slap. Meade said.

With the introduction of trash cans in residences for garbage pickup and the collection of large litter piles, Meade said she cautiously hopes the trash will not pile up.

Marisa Mecke is a Report for America Corps member for Mountain Times Publications. Report for America is a national, nonprofit service program that places reporters in local newsrooms to cover undercover issues.

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