Dodge abandons the V8 combustion engine

Stellantis subsidiary Dodge will abandon the V8 combustion engine in favor of pure electric drives in the next generation of its Charger and Challenger models. As a result, the next generation of the Charger and Challenger, due to launch in 2024, will be powered exclusively by battery-electric drives.

The news was announced by Engine1 in reference to statements by a Dodge spokesperson. According to the report, the spokesperson confirmed that the next-generation platform will not only lose the Hemi V8, but all internal combustion engines. “The Hemi of this platform, as well as this platform, are leaving. The next generation will be BEV,” the spokesperson said. It is said to be the LX platform.

In the United States, Dodge wants to launch the first “electric muscle car” in 2024, as has been known since the presentation of the Stellantis electric strategy last year. According to Engine1 Report, it will be presented as a concept car in the coming weeks.

Previously, there had already been speculation about the electrification of Dodge products. In June 2021, a report from the portal The Detroit office said the company was working on an electric car. It would be one of at least six BEVs and several plug-in hybrids to launch under the brands of the former FCA Group (now Stellantis), he said at the time.

Kevin A. Perras