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Following a landslide that left residents of The Manor with soaked carpets and mud-covered sidewalks, Dolan Homes received a $500 citation for violating the Erosion Control Ordinance and sediments from Bettendorf.

City Engineer Brent Morlok confirmed at Tuesday’s council meeting that they had issued Dolan Homes a citation for breaching the construction site erosion and sediment control ordinance.

Morlok said the construction crew placed two large straw acacia trees, or straw filter socks, on Friday to help guide water to the intake pipe at the construction site in anticipation of the weekend storm. end. But one of the straw barbs that was placed on top should not have been placed in that area, causing the flooding.

“It eventually silted up and completely blocked the flow,” Morlok said. “So you weren’t getting any storm water in the pipe and it all spilled out of the site.”

Morlok told the Quad-City Times/Moline Dispatch Argus that the violation is a Type II offense for dumping silt or sediment into the city’s sanitary or storm systems. A first offense notice was issued in June for similar offences. The silt/sediment loss from the first event was minor and no citations were issued, but it is still considered a first offense.

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Construction projects in the city are required to obtain a COSESCO permit. The permit is in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources since the city is mandated by the IDNR to implement the small municipal program of separate storm sewer systems.

Crew members were on site Tuesday to repair the retention pond and completed construction of the berm at the southern end of the project site which faces the mansion.

Public Works Manager Brian Schmidt said while there is still work to be done, he feels confident if another rain event like Sunday’s were to occur he would be held back in the area.

Residents, however, said they had experienced flooding before and felt their construction concerns had been repeatedly ignored.

“It should have been expected and it should have been taken care of,” said Beverly Strayhall, a resident of the Mansion. “This is unacceptable.”

According to city administrator Decker Ploehn, developer Kevin Dolan assured him that he was working with The Manor owners association to remedy any damage.

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