Driver challenges citation after being rammed by UDOT truck

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah – A South Jordan man is recovering after the vehicle he was carpooling in was hit by a Utah Department of Transportation incident management truck last week on the I- 15.

The driver was cited for not yielding to an emergency vehicle, despite being rammed by the truck.

South Salt Lake police decided to reopen the case after FOX 13 News asked for additional details about the accident.

“Unbelievable to me that vehicles out there to control incidents are moving at that kind of speed and causing another incident,” said Theron Anderson, who was a passenger in the SUV. “I guess he’s going somewhere for something that happened.”

Anderson knows that flashing lights and sirens mean drivers have to move for emergency vehicles. But he said the driver had no time to react before the truck hit the vehicle full of volunteers on their way to a meeting.

They were leaving I-15 northbound to take exit 305 toward West Valley City when the vehicle was suddenly struck by the truck.

The three men inside the Ford Explorer went to the emergency room to be examined after the accident.

Anderson said an Apple Watch he recently received as a gift came in handy because it automatically called 911 and emergency contacts on his phone after it detected the accident.

“The hearing aids flew off, hit something in front, my phone flew backwards, my glasses flew forward somewhere,” Anderson recalled.

A witness who was responsible for the accident remained at the scene and shared the dashcam video.

While it’s hard to see the exact moment of impact, the video shows the truck changing lanes to descend at the exit, then shows the SUV spinning after the impact.

South Salt Lake police cited the driver of the SUV for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. However, Anderson said there was no time to react and argues the truck driver was driving too fast and should be the one cited.

“I hope UDOT and Incident Management already have procedures in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening,” Anderson said.

A UDOT spokesperson said the incident was still under investigation.

Kevin A. Perras