Duncan Aviation acquires and refurbishes the Citation VII

Press Release Duncan Aviation | August 17, 2022

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Duncan Aviation is delighted to present this Citation VII which was purchased by Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales and Acquisition team and immediately taken to Duncan Aviation’s full service facility in Battle Creek, Michigan to receive a new paint, a complete interior renovation, the installation of the Universal Insight cockpit. , Gogo ADVANCE L3 and USB power ports.

The business partners owning the aircraft were jet-card/charter users until 2020, when the Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions team helped them purchase a Citation S/II.

Duncan Aviation’s aircraft sales and acquisition experts worked with the buyer of this Citation VII, and the company’s refurbishment and modification team helped new owners make it their own. Duncan Aviation Photo

Leah Alexander, Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions, says owners were flying just under 200 hours per year, but once they owned their own aircraft, that number jumped to just over 360 hours per year. year.

“They were certainly making good use of the plane, but it also meant that the engine hot sections were maturing almost a year earlier than expected,” says Alexander. “The timing of this maintenance event, along with the realization that they would prefer a slightly more spacious cabin, led them to start considering an upgrade.”

Alexander explains that there is a cost involved in any aircraft transaction, so owners weren’t looking to upgrade frequently in the future. They wanted to find a cost-effective option that would suit their growing business footprint as well as family travel.

“We first looked at Citation Excels and XLS, but by mid-2021 the market had already turned,” says Alexander. “The Excel/XLS is a popular model for charter operations in particular, so with charter demand on the rise at this time, our customers were starting to be priced out of their preferred airframe option.”

There’s only about 1/3 the number of Citation VIIs built as Citation Excels, so it wasn’t “on the radar” at first. Once the Citation Excel/XLS seemed out of reach, Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team began casting a wider net for other suitable options.

“Ultimately, we saw that the greatly reduced initial investment cost of acquiring this Citation VII left room in the budget for upgrades that would make it feel like an airplane. much newer, and in which the owners would feel comfortable for years to come,” explains Alexander.

New paint – simple but unique

The Duncan Aviation Paint team gave this aircraft a two-tone scheme with a classic white on top and a dark charcoal underbelly, accented by a bright orange stripe that creates a sleek design.

Duncan Aviation lead designer Heather Pridemore said the client was looking for something classic, clean and simple that was also unique. They also wanted to include their company colors in the paint scheme.

Suzanne Hawes, senior sales representative for Duncan Aviation’s finishes and modifications, said the new exterior paint gives the plane sleek, elegant lines.

“Heather has done a terrific job coordinating with multiple clients to meet and exceed expectations,” says Hawes.

Complete interior renovation

The owners wanted a warm, updated, clean and modern interior.

Pridemore says the wood is all woodgrain laminate, and the sink and kitchen counters are also modern stone-look laminate. The seats are custom designed with quilting, decorative stitching and a new modern style headrest.

“There aren’t many Citations that have padded seats, so I was able to be super creative in coming up with a modern design,” says Pridemore. “Owners loved the look of the quilted seats with decorative stitching.”

Hawes says it was a big makeover that transformed a dated interior into a clean, modern environment that will stand the test of time.


Pridemore says it’s the finest Citation VII there is.

“It’s so fresh and updated,” she said. “We are all so proud of the work done.”

The aircraft owner had this to say: “We were extremely impressed with the work, and more importantly, we are grateful to have chosen Duncan Aviation for this refurbishment. The project was simply too complex to go elsewhere.

This press release was prepared and distributed by Duncan Aviation

Kevin A. Perras