Elliott Aviation completes installation of first Citation Pro Line Fusion

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Summary of the CJI

* Elliott Aviation completes its first Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion upgrade in a Citation CJ2+! at its plant in Moline, Illinois.

* The Pro Line Fusion upgrade is claimed to offer reduced pilot workload, improved situational awareness and advanced touchscreens, which promote a better head-up flight experience.

*Pro Line Fusion upgrades include new features, such as Datalink controller-pilot communications (CPDLC).

Elliott Aviation is thrilled to announce that it has completed its first Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion® upgrade in a Citation CJ2+! Installation was performed at our Moline, Illinois location; from start to finish, the project took 21 business days. Going forward, installations will be estimated after a 4-week outage based on knowledge gained during this project.

“The Elliott Aviation avionics team was able to leverage their Collins experience with Full Pro Line 21 upgrades and be the world leader in Pro Line 21™ modernization upgrades to accomplish the short downtime” , notes Bill Forbes, head of avionics sales at Elliott.

Performing over 40 to 50 full panel retrofits each year, Elliott team members are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the entire installation process, from wiring harness construction to installation. by checking and delivering the aircraft.

Three key points for the Pro Line Fusion® upgrade are reduced pilot workload, improved situational awareness, and forward-facing touchscreens that promote a better heads-up flight experience.

Pilot workload is reduced through the use of a new integrated flight management system. This system meets the latest equipment mandates and offers pioneering performance.

Situational awareness is enhanced by allowing pilots to easily interact with interactive touch maps – showing high-resolution topography, weather and obstacles. Industry-leading high-resolution synthetic vision displays Collins Aerospace’s patented airport dome feature and extended runway centerlines. There is also a georeferenced electronic map showing the position of the aircraft. Also providing increased awareness, charts relevant to the flight plan are automatically staged using Collins’ patented ChartLink™.

Front touchscreens further reduce pilot workload, resulting in an enjoyable, more efficient and safer flight experience. Touchscreens are 14.1-inch widescreen LCDs with advanced graphics and configurable windows. The size and features of the screens allow pilots to stay focused while looking up.

Pro Line Fusion® upgrades also have additional options/features available – a key option being controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC), which were not previously available. With the Pro Line Fusion® upgrade installed, you also keep your NextGen aircraft ready.

The Pro Line Fusion® upgrade for the CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3 is backed by a 2-year warranty on all new equipment plus CASP coverage on remaining Collins Aerospace equipment. Warranty includes AOG parts support, breakdown equipment, labor coverage for removal and refitting by a Collins Aerospace dealer, and more!

As the 145 repair station for CJ1+, CJ2+, CJ3 and all other 525 CJs, Elliott Aviation is ready to help you upgrade your aircraft with the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion®. (Photo courtesy of Collins Aerospace).

Kevin A. Perras