Ford files patent for hydrogen combustion engine

2022 Ford Everest. Image used for representation. (Picture: Ford)

Ford filed a patent for a hydrogen-powered turbocharged combustion engine, yes you read that right

Since automobiles have evolved from mechanical machines to electric vehicles, brands around the world have shifted from mass producing purely fuel-powered engines to electric and traditional motors. Car giant Ford is one such company that is splitting its business model into two parts – the Model E for electric vehicles and the Blue division which would continue to work on traditional combustion models. Recently, Ford hinted that it was working on a very interesting model by patenting the hydrogen combustion engine, as reported by Muscle cars and trucks. The petition was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a hydrogen-based combustion engine.

A hydrogen engine runs on a propulsion system very similar to an electric vehicle. The only difference is the power source. Unlike electric vehicles, here the principle is that hydrogen is converted into electricity by the fuel cell and this is what powers the heat engine that runs on hydrogen. However, Ford’s new patent is for a turbocharged combustion engine running on hydrogen.

MCT, another automotive news site, reported that the engine is capable of running on a variety of air and fuel lambda values. However, this is only claimed on paper and practical applications have yet to be tested. According to sources like reported by Engine1, the lambda values ​​likely to be reached exceed 2.00 which deduces that the air/fuel mixture of at least 68 parts of air for 1 part of hydrogen. As an indication, a gasoline engine has lambda values ​​varying between 0.54 and 1.25.

The patent also suggests that the timing system would involve injecting hydrogen directly into the cylinders and that the feed could theoretically produce up to 15% more power than a gasoline engine with a similar system.

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The Blue Oval patent only covers the combustion method and control of the hydrogen mixture and not the entire engine itself.

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Kevin A. Perras