Nippon Electric Glass: achieves glass melting through combustion technology using hydrogen-oxygen burner

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Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Otsu, Shiga, Japan, President: Motoharu Matsumoto) successfully demonstrated glass melting using only hydrogen from a hydrogen-oxygen combustion burner jointly developed with Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation.

The newly developed hydrogen-oxygen combustion burner can change the mixing ratio of natural gas and hydrogen as needed. In the demonstration experiment, it was confirmed that in either of the combustion methods used, only hydrogen or a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas, a fusion capacity equivalent to that of the combustion of natural gas only could be obtained by adjusting the fuel flow according to the mixing ratio. This makes it possible to combine oxygen combustion technology* and hydrogen combustion technology, resulting in zero CO2 emissions from combustion.

For glass melting, the Company favored the switch from heavy fuel oil to LPG and natural gas, which generate less CO2, and completed the conversion to natural gas in 2010. In the medium-term business plan “EGP2026”, the Company has set the “promotion of carbon neutrality” as a priority measure and is working on the technological development of CO2-free fuels, such as hydrogen, to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Hydrogen-oxygen combustion technology is expected to make a significant contribution to achieving carbon neutrality when combined with the improved power ratio of fusion energy, which the Company has been working on for some time. The Company will continue to develop the technology for application as a mass production process.

* Oxygen combustion technology is a combustion technology that removes more excess nitrogen than air combustion, thereby reducing the amount of exhaust gas (exhaust heat) and, therefore, reducing fuel and energy consumption and reducing CO2 and thermal nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. It was introduced into almost all of the Company’s melting furnaces.

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