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A summons can be issued for ignoring a burning ban

What was once just a burning pile of leaves, this fire quickly spread to surrounding brush and trees due to high winds and dry conditions.

JOPLIN, Mo. – Burning on a day like today could easily land you a fine and a court appearance.

the National Weather Service currently has an active “Wind Advisory” for our entire region.

Combine that with “high fire weather conditions” and a “non-burning” state in place by the Joplin Fire Department; choosing to burn a pile of leaves in your garden, for example, could easily turn into a very dangerous and out of control fire.

Joplin Fire Marshal Dale Brooks said ignoring the citywide state of burning and starting a fire outside (even if you think it’s under control) could cost you a fine.

Fire Marshall Brooks said it’s not uncommon for him to write citations to those who choose to burn outdoors when there’s a burning ban in place, or when a burning permit is not acquired.

Brooks also said that if the city’s fire department is called to put out a blaze that gets out of control on days like today, the Joplin Police Department can be called in to write a citation and issue a court summons.

High Fire Weather – Thursday and Friday

the National Weather Service (NWS) in Springfield, Missouri has the responsibility to forecast, not only atmospheric weather conditions, but also fire weather conditions for our area.

Until tomorrow (4/8), the NWS warns of high fire weather conditions, as well as a wind advisory.

“A dry air mass and strong winds will be in place today and Friday (4/8). Where outdoor vegetation is dry, a high fire risk is expected. Winds will also blow at around 40 mph in some places,” says KODE-TV Chief Meteorologist Ray Foreman.

In the video below, Foreman explains why early spring in our region is proving dry and dangerous, especially when it comes to outdoor burning.

Foreman says you can expect the winds to ease on Saturday, but windy conditions will return on Sunday.

To view its latest predictions, click here.

Kevin A. Perras