Police Blotter: Shooting at Canada Goose Leads to Citation | New

Police blotting refers to the public record of incidents reported by law enforcement agencies.

All those arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Printed information is preliminary and subject to change. For details on the cases listed, contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.

At around 6:34 a.m., soldiers were dispatched to an accident involving several vehicles, blocking Highway 30 eastbound near milepost 16.5. A traffic accident investigation was conducted and it was discovered that the gray Hyundai entered the freeway on the east side of the freeway to lane A eastbound. The Hyundai entered the freeway in front of a blue Mini Cooper that couldn’t stop and pushed the Hyundai to the rear. Mini Cooper was towed by Drakes due to damage

at 11:41 am OSP located an abandoned vehicle on SIWA. The vehicle was reported stolen in St. Helens on 11/25/21. The vehicle was recovered by towing Drakes and transported to its lot in St. Helens. The victim has been notified.

At 1:20 p.m. Soldiers were dispatched to a traffic complaint on Highway 30 near milepost 49 from a black Nissan SUV involved in multiple crashes crossing Oregon from Longview, Washington. Soldiers located and stopped the Nissan on Highway 30 near KP 57. The driver was showing signs of impairment and agreed to perform standardized field sobriety tests. The driver was then arrested for DUII. The two children in the back seat were then picked up by family members. The driver consented to a breath sample and provided a blood alcohol level of 0.17%. The driver was cited and released on charges of DUII. The Nissan was towed by Grumpy’s Towing.

At 4:56 p.m. A dark-colored compact sedan was driving east on Highway 30, near mile post 73, when a moose entered the freeway and was struck. The driver did not call to report the accident and passing motorists called 911. A soldier responded to the scene and found the elk still alive with a broken rear leg. The elk was dispatched and a local resident offered to save the elk. The ODFW website says the handler or someone else can pick up the animal as long as a free online permit is completed within five days.

at 11:16 am OSP received a report from an ODFW employee of the Sauvie Island wildlife reserve regarding a waterfowl hunter who shot a Canada goose, which is prohibited. The hunter said he was unaware he could not shoot Canada Geese at the wildlife sanctuary even though it is posted at the checkpoint and in the regulations. The hunter has been given a citation for taking a no-game bird area and the goose has been seized and will be donated to charity.

at 2:17 p.m. OSP responded to a single vehicle accident in the area of ​​milepost 36 on Highway 30 in Columbia County. A red Tesla was heading west when it apparently attempted to overtake another vehicle and lost control. The vehicle entered the ditch on the east side of the road causing it to roll over several times. The driver and passenger were both taken to Emanuel Hospital for assessment. The vehicle was removed from the scene by Grumpy’s Towing and taken to their property

at 13:23 Soldiers responded to an injury-free multi-vehicle blocking accident on Highway 30 near milepost 51 involving a white Freightliner and a gold F250. The soldiers investigated a traffic accident and discovered that the Ford driver had left the roadway, hit an ODOT sign, and was coming back onto the freeway, crashing into the Freightliner’s trailer. The F250 gold was towed by Grumpys Towing due to damage.

Law enforcement reports

After a stop near the intersection of SE 4thSt. and W Lane Rd. a 60-year-old Scapoose resident was arrested for DUII and taken to jail where he was arrested and released on his charges.

Police conducted a traffic stop near NW 1st St. and NW Laurel St. with a truck pulling a trailer. The driver, a 54-year-old Scappoose resident, was taken into police custody for suspended driving and was taken to jail on his charges.

Police took a report of a Chevron theft on the Columbia River Highway 52000. The victim reported that the suspects cut a lock on an outdoor shed and stole items inside. This case is awaiting further information on the suspect and identification.

Police were dispatched on the report of a traffic complaint on Highway 30. It was reported by a sheriff’s deputy on leave that the driver was accelerating from 30 mph to 60 mph and slowing down to 30 mph. It was also reported that the vehicle was drifting on all lanes of traffic. A traffic check was conducted near the intersection of E. Columbia Ave. and NE 1st St. Following the investigation, a 66-year-old man from Scappoose was taken into custody for DUII, registered and released on his charges.

Police took a theft report from Fred Meyer. It was reported that the suspect was being held by loss prevention employees. As a result of the investigation, a 25-year-old St. Helens subject was cited and released on charge. All the stolen items were collected by the employees of Fred Meyer.

Following a traffic stop on the 51000 block of the Columbia River Highway, a 33-year-old Portland resident has been arrested on a pending arrest warrant outside of Columbia County. The subject was also ticketed for speeding, driving with a suspension and driving without insurance. He was transported to prison and deposed on his warrant.

Police responded to the report of a disturbance in the 52000 block of SW 1st St. Upon investigation, it was determined that this was a civil matter and no crime was committed.

Officers were dispatched to an unknown injury accident in the 51000 block of the Columbia River Highway. Before law enforcement could arrive, the two sides moved their vehicles to a nearby parking lot. It was determined that traffic came to a sudden stop and that a driver was unable to stop in time before colliding with the vehicle in front of him. No injuries have been reported and no citation has been issued.

Police took a report of identity theft in the 52000 block of NE Porter Lane. The victim reported that an unknown suspect used the victim’s social security number. This matter is being referred to the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation.

St Helens Police, Rainier and Columbia County Sheriff’s Office logs were not immediately available.

Kevin A. Perras