Professional Services Case Study Focus: RingCentral and Citation

As any brand in the professional services landscape knows, many factors go into running a successful business. To stand out in today’s competitive landscape, it’s not enough to sell your expertise. Businesses need to ensure that they provide the meaningful service and support that their B2B customers are also looking for.

To achieve exceptional results, many professional services brands are rapidly investing in more agile and innovative solutions for communications and productivity. This means investing not only in UCaaS technology, but also in a range of accompanying communication tools.

Citation Professional Solutions, a leader in employment consulting and law, has worked hand-in-hand with RingCentral innovators to power a new era of digital transformation. here’s how Citation and RingCentral have joined forces.

Discover a need for flexibility and growth

Citation Professional Services has established itself as a leading provider of employment law and consultancy services to organizations across the UK for over 25 years. Committed to helping organizations manage the administrative and legal responsibilities of business operations, Citation has achieved incredible results over the years.

Not only are Citation’s experts available 24/7 to guide their clients, but they also offer expert advice and support to businesses in a variety of industries. With over 50,000 clients across the UK, the brand has quickly established itself as one of the most sought after consultancies in the market. They also lead the industry in customer retention, with a rate of 92%.

Of course, in the professional services industry, success comes with new challenges. As the Citation brand continued to grow in recent years, the organization discovered that its telecommunications technology was stretching beyond breaking point. The only way to stay competitive was to move to a modern, flexible and scalable communications solution.

Abandonment of an old telephone system

Citation’s telecommunications environment created a number of operational challenges long before the company entered its accelerated growth phase. According to the brand’s head of technology technical services, Chris Haltof, as growth exploded, the many gaps in the system became more significant. Replacing technology has become the company’s top priority.

Chris noted that the existing phone system did not allow for a simple audit and there was no way of knowing who had made administrative changes to the technology. The service was also extremely limited when it came to call recording capabilities. This was a significant issue as the company became more dependent on registration to serve its customers.

The brand only had a few months of call recordings to access with the legacy system, but it needed at least five years for archival purposes. The team was forced to create an internal workaround for call archiving, which was often time and resource intensive. The phone system also offered no mobile capability, forcing all employees to stay in the office.

Physical landlines were the only option for making and receiving business calls. This presented a significant hurdle as Citation wanted to implement more flexible working solutions for staff.

While researching the cloud-based communication solutions available in the market, the company finally turned to the flexible ecosystem offered by RingCentral. Citation Service Manager, Lee Mills said the RingCentral solution ticked a number of boxes, combining various mission-critical functions into a single service.

The business could access desktop and mobile communication apps for teams, video conferencing tools, AI analytics, call center features, security audits, and call recordings on a single platform. At the same time, the team was impressed with the service offered by RingCentral, saying that working with the team felt more like connecting with a partner than a vendor.

Achieve new levels of flexibility

RingCentral’s technology has proven to be a wonderfully intuitive solution for Citation. Staff could easily start using the service immediately, with minimal training. Additionally, mobile staff (making up about 70% of the workforce) had access to tools they could access anywhere.

Before the pandemic hit, Citation had already started rolling out RingCentral features and experiencing the benefits of a cloud-based ecosystem. However, when quarantines and lockdowns started to take effect across the UK, the team faced a new challenge. Citation suddenly had to figure out how to transition the entire workforce into the remote work landscape.

The technology team decided to accelerate the implementation of RingCentral, and the rest of the company also began to experience the benefits of the cloud system. According to Citation, the team now uses RingCentral Video to perform remote inspections of customer facilities in an easy, non-intrusive way. Customers also appreciate Citation’s ability to continue to deliver great service without putting teams at risk.

Consultants can also take customer calls quickly and easily from home. All employees need to do is log into a RingCentral app on a smartphone or laptop to start working. This means that the brand has been able to continue to deliver a sensational service, regardless of the global challenges.

The Citation team is also taking advantage of RingCentral to help sales teams have more face-to-face conversations with customers and prospects. This has allowed the brand to keep the sales engine moving despite blockages and disruptions.

Stay strong in tough times

Implementing RingCentral during shelter-in-place orders has made a significant difference from an IT and business perspective.

Since Citation already had a flexible work-from-anywhere offering ready to go, they didn’t have to worry so much about installing hundreds of employees with new equipment. All users needed the RingCentral app and an internet-connected device.

With RingCentral, Citation could effectively unlock new levels of functionality to empower the internal team and discover new ways of customer service. The ability to align multiple UCaaS and CCaaS functions on a single platform allowed the company to continue to transform, even as challenges impacted businesses across all industries.

Kevin A. Perras