Quote, look at new cars with internal combustion engines by 2035. Elkann, “In 10 years, 70% of cars in the EU will be plug-in or electric hybrids”

“The phase-out of new cars with internal combustion engines must take place by 2035, while for vans and light commercial vehicles transport by 2040”. This was announced by the Ministry of Ecological Transition in a press release at the end of the fourth meeting of the City, the Interministerial Committee for Ecological Transition.


Electric cars, manufacturers’ promises: ready to abandon diesel and gasoline

by Vincenzo Borgomeo

Stellantis. “Over the next five years, the Group will spend 30 billion euros to support the electrification strategy of its models. If we look at Europe, within 10 years, 70% of Stellantis cars sold in Europe will be plug-in or purely electric hybrids ”. So John Elkann, Stellantis president of Milano Finanza. “Already today, the number of models with low environmental impact that we offer to our customers has increased to 29 and the all-electric New Fiat 500, as beautiful as it is technologically sophisticated, is the electric bestseller in nine national markets”, he continues. Elkann who in his speech also addresses the role of Italy in this process of innovation.

To recycle

Electric mobility, the real hub of the green shift. “For the moment only 10% of batteries are recyclable”

by Jaime D’Alessandro

“In this electricity revolution, Italy is playing a leading role at all levels: production of new models, battery assembly, applied research and testing of charging and energy transmission infrastructures. It is an exciting phase, full of projects and new ideas, which reconnects us to the pioneering phase of our founding fathers ”, continues the president of Stellantis, according to whom the mobility sector at the moment is particularly attractive for the best talents due to its technological evolution.

To be able to

How much does the electric car pollute? The impact varies from country to country and depends on networks

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