Rauw Alejandro enjoys his private 8 a.m. flight on Cessna’s Citation VII

While we mortals have to be at the airport at least two hours before the plane takes off and go through security and passport control before waiting at the gate, most celebrities spend that time. to take pictures next to their private jet. At least that’s what Rauw Alejandro did.

The Puerto Rican singer performed in Bilbao, Spain, and had to catch an 8am flight. Rauw Alejandro, whose real name is Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, took the opportunity to show off his plane of the day: a Citation VII.

Cessna built the aircraft Alejandro flies with, the HA-SCS model, in 2000. It was refurbished in 2021, with its exterior and interior being given a makeover. Just this week, Textron Aviation announced the next generation of business jets, the Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 and Cessna Citation XLS Gen2, and they are currently taking orders, waiting for deliveries to begin in 2022.

While waiting to know who will travel on board the new models, remember that the Citation VII has a capacity of 7 passengers, and two crew seats, while the cabin measures 18.4 feet long (5.6 m) by 5 , 5 feet wide (1.6 m) by 5.7 feet high (1.7 m).

Powered by two Honeywell TFE731-4R-2S engines, the aircraft reaches a maximum cruising speed of 452 knots (837 km / h) and a long distance speed of 417 knots (772 km / h).

What’s funny though, is that during an interview with Billboard last year, Rauw Alejandro shared that he’s actually scared of flying. He said: “A lot of people know that I am afraid of flying. I am an artist and I fly a lot, but I hate airplanes. Every time I get on a plane, I pray, I sleep. My mother gives me Dramamine (it is a medicine against motion sickness) to help me sleep. I do my meditation two hours before, I drink hot tea, I pray. I try to sleep so as not to hear the sound of takeoff.

But it seems that the roar of the Cessna’s engines doesn’t bother the artist so much, and he feels comfortable enough to hit a few clicks before getting on board.

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