Renault teases a hydrogen concept car with combustion engine

The concept car is part of the company’s recently announced goal to have a range of fully electric vehicles by 2030. The new concept car will be presented in May 2022.

By HT automatic office
19 Feb 2022, 10:04

Renault’s hydrogen concept car will make its world debut in May this year.

Renault has teased a new hydrogen-powered concept car, which the French automaker plans to unveil in May this year. The concept car is Renault’s first attempt at hydrogen-powered cars in line with the automaker’s plans to cut carbon emissions.

Renault has yet to share many details about the concept car.

The French manufacturer issued a press release calling the concept car “unprecedented”, “with a hydrogen engine, embodies the decarbonisation trajectory of the Group and the Renault brand as well as their progress in terms of circular economy, materials recycled and recyclable”.

With the new concept car, Renault, like some other automakers like Toyota, has revealed its intention to launch hydrogen vehicles in the coming days. As part of its Renaulution plan, Renault aims to reduce ICE models running on petrol or diesel.

Teasing the future hydrogen car, Renault said: “This unique hydrogen vehicle represents Groupe Renault and the Renault brand’s journey towards decarbonisation, as well as their advances in the circular economy and the use of recycled materials and recyclable”.

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The teaser image reveals the front end of the hydrogen concept car in a silhouette, with clear contours and visible LED headlights. The design, as seen through the teaser image, hints that the concept car resembles French automaker Mégane’s electric car. There is a crossover-like structure visible in the concept car with slim headlight clusters similar to Mégane.

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The Renault concept car’s side mirrors also appear to be just cameras, instead of regular glass. However, that can only be confirmed once the automaker unveils the model in three months.

In addition to hydrogen cars, which appear to be a new approach by the French manufacturer, Renault plans to electrify its entire range by 2030, in line with the European Union’s strategy to stop ICE vehicles by 2035.

Date of first publication: February 19, 2022, 10:04 am IST

Kevin A. Perras