Review: Harman Kardon’s Citation MultiBeam 1100 soundbar delivers booming sound with great range

It’s also a multi-function device with convenient touch controls on the top thanks to the bright LCD screen as well as support for AirPlay, Alexa Multi-Room Music and Chromecast.

It only took a few seconds to set up my Android phone, and then I was able to make sure everyone in the room heard my weird music choice instead of me through my headphones. I don’t know if they liked the songs, but they sure liked the quality.

Even when I left my phone across the room, I was able to use the touch control to advance through my playlist and pause when needed.

When you first install it, the MultiBeam 1100 performs sound calibration to balance the audio and 3D surround sound effect for your room. One word of advice, though – don’t set it up at 5am like I did. Neighbors might worry about alien sound effects being played out loud to do this!

From setup to ongoing performance, there’s so much to like about this soundbar and it has impressed everyone who’s listened to it with me.

The bad

There’s very little to complain about the MultiBeam 1100, which I guess is a positive for something that will set you back $1300.

The biggest problem may be what isn’t there, instead of what is. As someone who owns a subwoofer right now, I missed the extra impact you get with a good one of these.

So many times I’ve felt a movie through my feet besides being able to see and hear it through the big box on the floor. You don’t understand that here.

And as good as virtual surround sound might be, it still doesn’t have the same impact as having physical speakers behind you delivering the proper sound as far as I’m concerned.

My current setup includes removable satellite speakers that work wirelessly and can easily be mounted behind the couch. That gives it a slight advantage over a single soundbar, I think.

Kevin A. Perras