Senate rejects former PS-DBM leader’s motion for reconsideration of contempt summons and arrest warrant

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, November 22) – The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee rejected the resignation of the Department of Budget and Management Usec. Lloyd Christopher Lao’s motion for reconsideration of his contempt summons and arrest warrant.

In a letter dated November 15, committee chair Senator Richard Gordon told Lao to submit to Senate security personnel as soon as possible if he wanted the panel to act on his motion.

“If you want the committee to act on your motion, we suggest that you first report to the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms as soon as possible,” Gordon said. “Until then, the arrest order will continue to exist and the search for your person will not cease until the Sergeant-at-Arms is able to take you into custody.”

Lao, who was the former head of DBM’s purchasing department, has been cited for contempt for snubbing four Blue Ribbon Committee hearings on government pandemic supply agreements.

He stopped appearing after President Rodrigo Duterte barred cabinet members from attending the inquiry.

In his motion dated November 5, Lao argued that he had appeared “faithfully” at nine successive committee hearings from August 25 to September 30. He added that he had been “straightforward” and answered all questions “honestly”.

However, Lao said he was “reprimanded, insulted, slandered and pre-tried” during the hearings.

“I have never disrespected the Senate and will continue to respect its authority and hereby say that I am more than willing to attend and testify if so far I was called into a non-hostile Senate inquiry. , because I would not put myself in the line of fire more if deliberately participate in a process where my constitutional rights are violated and violated, ”added Lao.

The Senate ordered Lao’s arrest on November 5, but the Upper House’s office of the Sergeant-at-Arms failed to stop him. He could not be located at his addresses in Metro Manila, Cebu City and Davao City.

The Senate is investigating PS-DBM’s deal with Pharmally Pharmaceutical for the purchase of allegedly overpriced personal protective equipment and COVID-19 test kits.

Kevin A. Perras