Store’s liquor license suspended after second citation for selling to minor

In the video, Russell told the council that he was a lawyer and his wife was a resident who worked with the sheriff’s office.

At Thursday’s meeting, Mills said she understands that sometimes “people get things wrong and people make mistakes,” but said she takes the issue of underage alcohol sales “very seriously.” serious”.

President Alfred John said he was “surprised” to hear Holmes’ comment that Russell’s wife had “shed some light” on the matter and that the statement “troubled” him.

According to County Attorney Ken Jarrard, a second county code violation in 24 months results in a suspension period of seven to 60 days. A third offense within 24 months would result in the revocation of the liquor license.

Jarrard also said that a suspension of 29 days or less does not require the alcohol to be removed from the store by distributors; there is only a requirement to “lock and chain [the freezers].”

Mills said she wanted there to be a “bigger consequence” than locking down the freezers and decided to suspend Russell’s liquor license with the stipulation that all liquor be removed by distributors, with immediate effect.

District 3’s Todd Levent and John requested a 29-day suspension so distributors don’t have to be punished for something beyond their control.

Laura Semanson, who represents District 5, agreed with Mills, saying the two violations were “gross” and that she supports the removal of alcohol.

Mills’ motion passed by a unanimous 4-0 vote, with District 1 Commissioner Molly Cooper absent.

Kevin A. Perras