Tesla’s Elon Musk believes electric vehicles will take years to replace combustion vehicles; Norway 95% Electric Now

Famous Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes the world will have a long way to go before they transition to a fully electronic society and ditch internal combustion engines in a tweet today. Here, the topic was about the transition of the Scandinavian country, Norway, which is now 95% on its transition to fully electric mobility.

Tesla: Elon Musk believes electric vehicles will take a long time to transition

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Elon Musk believes Norway’s transition is good progress for the global electrification campaign.

However, the CEO believes he would be take a long way that the world adapts to this change and not be as fast as the green country in its transition.

Musk has been known to have his opinions on different worldviews for many years now, looking at the market and its progress with his analysis. The CEO of Tesla knows this market and he is an expert in all things electric vehicles, especially since he is one of the owners of the switch to electrification as it grows in the world.

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Norway’s 95% progress in electrification

2022 will mark the last year that Norway will sell internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in the country, and it is an example of a progressive country that is ready for its upcoming transition.

Currently, the Nordic people adopted 95 percent of the population to use the electric mode of transport. It remains a world leader in the switch to EVs, promoting clean energy and the future of society.

Will Tesla be the dominant brand in the market?

Tesla is currently one of the world leaders in electrification and electric vehicles which are now popular with the masses.

However, the real question now is whether it will be able to keep up with and remain a global leader among the many brands that show its interest in clean energy vehicles?

Currently, Tesla faces many challenges and rivalries from various vehicle manufacturers. It includes Rivian, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Lordstown, Rimac, Volkswagen, etc. The presence of these companies only shows that the market is not fully controlled by Tesla, despite its mass popularity worldwide.

Nonetheless, Tesla is a world leader in various technologies for electric vehicles and clean energy designs. It effectively brings the best features for a car including that of autopilot and full self-driving function which helps the public to be safe on the road and move around without the need of human controls.

Soon, Tesla will bring the all-electric transition to the world, achieving its goal of a clean future.

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