Textron adds two more Citation Gen2

The M2 Gen2, priced at $ 5.85 million, comes with new premium interior styling, accent lighting, illuminated cup holders, and wireless and USB charging ports. A at every seat position. Storage on the side ledge has also been enlarged. An additional three inches of legroom has been added to the co-pilot position, and cabin entry sill materials have been improved for durability and ease of maintenance.

“Since the Citation M2 was first introduced in 2013, it has quickly become one of our most popular light aircraft models, particularly with owner / operator customers,” said Christi Tannahill, vice -Senior President of Customer Experience and Interior Design at Textron Aviation. “Building on its already exceptional performance capabilities and flexibility, the M2 Gen2 brings the latest cabin features and technological advancements often found in larger jets to the entry-level light jet segment. Passengers will appreciate the USB-A ports at each cabin seat and the USB-C ports in the club area.

The new Citation XLS Gen2, priced at $ 15.5 million, receives its own share of comfort improvements. It will come with a new illuminated stair door and a new entrance curtain – to keep precipitation and heat on the floor – and make the cabin quieter in flight. Six new interior layouts have new styling, individual controls and a forward settee that provides access to luggage. There is also a wireless cabin management system with a touchscreen mobile map monitor. Like the M2 Gen2, each seat offers wireless charging and USB ports. A speakerless audio system from Bongiovi Acoustic Labs is available as an option and replaces traditional speakers with transducers attached to the rear of the aircraft’s interior panels to conceal the source of the immersive audio.

The 560 XLS series has proven to be a favorite with fractional and charter operators, with over 1,000 units sold since its introduction 25 years ago.

Draper gave a quick update on the two Textron aircraft currently in development. The Cessna SkyCourier multirole twin-turboprop is “in full flight certification” and will soon be approved. The Beechcraft Denali single-turboprop GE Catalyst engine is currently undergoing test bench testing, and the first prototype aircraft will be launched “soon,” he said.

Kevin A. Perras

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