Textron Aviation unveils the Citation M2 Gen2, XLS Gen2

Continuing a refresh cycle of its legacy aircraft that began last year with the King Air 360 and 260 and in February with the Citation CJ4 Gen2, Textron Aviation on Monday announced interior upgrades to the M2 and XLS light and midsize jets. + at NBAA-BACE. “We are trying to accelerate the upgrade of all existing products,” said Textron Aviation President and CEO Ron Draper. AIN. “We have such a broad product line that we think you need a mix of new aircraft as well as bringing great performance, interior and other enhancements to existing products.”

Inside the M2 Gen2 cockpit, Textron Aviation added three inches of legroom to the co-pilot position. Inside the cabin, the entry sill materials have been improved for durability and serviceability, including the side-facing seat that folds down.

In the past, M2 operators and their passengers used this seat for luggage storage, which wears out over time on the leather-covered seat, said Christi Tannahill, senior vice president of customer experience. With the upper half of the seat folding in the M2 Gen2, the rear has been reinforced with a hard surface.

Other improvements in the M2 Gen2 cabin are redesigned sidewall ledges, a mix of more durable flooring including wood and carpet; ambient accent lighting; lighted cup holders; and wireless and USB-A charging ports at every cabin seat. USB-C ports are also available in the airplane club seating area.

Improvements to the M2 Gen2 cabin are redesigned sidewall ledges, a mix of more durable flooring including wood and carpet, ambient accent lighting, illuminated cup holders and wireless charging ports. wire and USB-A to each cabin seat. (Photo: Textron Aviation)

Additionally, four new cabin designs are available on the M2 Gen2: Mist, Driftwood, Ebony or Cashmere. “We see the market continuing to operate in a backlog scenario, with many more of our customers also manufacturing fully custom aircraft,” Tannahill said. AIN. “Usually this was only for the larger jet products, but we’re seeing down to the M2 and turboprops that a lot of people want to customize their planes.”

Deliveries of the M2 Gen2, priced at $5.85 million, are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

For Textron’s best-selling Citation 560XL, upgrades to what will now be the XLS Gen2 are more extensive, starting with an illuminated stair gate. Beyond that, a new entrance curtain has been added to provide weather protection and improved in-flight acoustics, and Textron Aviation has added a high power outlet to the refreshment center. A new pedestal seat design with individual controls and an optional quilted pattern is intended to maximize passenger comfort in the XLS Gen2.

In terms of cabin technology, the XLS Gen2 features an intuitive wireless cabin management system with a touchscreen moving map monitor as well as wireless charging and USB-A and -C ports available at every headquarters. Other upgrade options on the midsize jet are a fold-down forward sofa for passenger luggage storage and in-flight access, and a Bongiovi speakerless surround sound system.

Citation XLS Gen2 interior

Other upgrade options for the Citation XLS Gen2 are a fold-down front sofa for passenger luggage storage and in-flight access. (Photo: Textron Aviation)

Additionally, Textron Aviation is offering what Tannahill called a new “eco-sustainable” interior for the XLS Gen2. “As we continue to invest in the sustainable world, this is very important,” she said. “Many of our European customers use this aircraft and it is also important for them.

The eco-sustainable interior features “rapidly renewable textile materials” that have been approved by the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), including 100% organic and biodegradable leathers and veneers approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. Tannahill added that the mats also had to meet an environmental air quality standard. “So every aspect of the aircraft really incorporates that element of sustainability,” she said. “Many of our materials and designs also use these processes.”

The XLS Gen2 is priced at $15.5 million and deliveries are expected to begin in the second quarter of 2022.

Kevin A. Perras