the common motor control platform Gen-C boosts landfill gas …

An intelligent, common automated engine control platform from CHP Gen-C support specialist has boosted gas production by up to 10% at the Mucking EDL landfill gas power station. The Motortech control panel featuring state-of-the-art ComAp technology controls a series of five Deutz MWM engines on site. It optimizes gas and asset utilization by adjusting engine load in real time to exactly match available gas coming from the field. Featuring live alerts, superior fault diagnosis, data logging and remote engine control including instant restart, the Mucking team can now track, monitor and adjust the performance of their five engines both via a user-friendly application, without the need to be on site.

“Engine stop time was virtually eliminated,” said Dave Dickson, site supervisor at Mucking EDL. “The common control panel Gen-C adjusts the load of each engine to match the availability of gas, which makes unnecessary manual intervention. In addition to making better use of staff we saw between 5-10% uplift in gas production “.

Located in Tilbury, Essex, the EDL landfill gas plant houses five operational engines: four 1.2 MW Deutz models TCG620-V16 and a Caterpillar 3516. Four engines are in permanent use, with a spare galley. In the spring of 2021, Gen-C was tasked with upgrading four of the engine control panels to smart, open-access MOTORTECH versions, as well as replacing the ignition systems (one engine had already been upgraded). As part of the project, general manager, Gen-C James Thompson, has also agreed to provide a common supervisory control platform to streamline the management of the five engines.

“Having worked with EDL on a number of projects – including upgrading vandalized control panels at their Wellingborough site at the start of the pandemic – we were keen to optimize their engine management,” says James. “We knew our common control platform would not only ease staffing pressures by reducing manual intervention, but also increase gas production. »

Kevin A. Perras