Town of Easton Monday Special Meeting on Police E-Ticket/Citation Program

**Press release from the office of First Selectman Bindelglass**

Good afternoon,

A special town meeting will be held on September 6, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at the Easton Senior Center, 650 Morehouse Road, to discuss and approve the 2022 E-Citation Grant. The Easton Police Department E-Citation Grant has several purposes . The first objective of this grant is to obtain the financing necessary for the implementation of the E-Ticket/Citation program. This will allow officers to improve efficiency/safety in multiple aspects of our day-to-day operations, such as the time it takes to complete a handwriting violation, electronic data entry being reduced to one time, with automatic transfers to the Central Offenses Office. The ultimate goal of the E-Citation program is to have all municipalities in Connecticut operate on the E-Citation platform, which is the direction in which the state of Connecticut is heading. The second and largest for the Easton Police Department is the E-Citation Grant which funds all necessary equipment (mobile computers, mounting brackets, E-Citation printers, hardware) and vehicle installation of patrol. The department does not currently have laptop computers in patrol vehicles. Without having laptops available to officers, it becomes increasingly difficult to perform law enforcement duties by not having the proper tools for the job. It also creates a safety risk for officers, as currently the officer must complete all motor vehicle registration, driver’s license and criminal record checks through the police dispatch centre, which extremely limits the information the agent can obtain. On June 1, 2022, the Easton Police Department was awarded the E-Citation Grant in the amount of $35,954.25 which will cover the costs of five (5) mobile computers, five (5) E-Citation printers, all mounting hardware and installation to be purchased from Glacier Computers New Milford, CT. This grant is a 100% repayable grant.

Please note that the potential for fire spread is increased and increasing. The prolonged absence of watering rains, along with moderate to severe drought conditions, have led to very dry soils. Any fire that ignites spreads easily and quickly under these conditions. It really means any outdoor activity that could start a fire. Throwing cigarettes, fireplaces, fireworks are all potential causes of fires. All burning permits will be suspended until conditions improve. Many of our neighboring towns have already experienced fires, putting lives and property at risk. I cannot stress this enough. The conditions are very unusual. Be careful and hopefully there will be rain in the forecast soon.

Please join us this Saturday, August 20 for a charity ride and classic car show hosted by Easton Volunteer Emergency Medical Services at Samuel Staples Elementary School from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. please look for more information.

A note from the Senior Center: The Senior Center updates the City of Easton directory. In an effort to offset printing costs and raise funds for senior classes, we are looking for donations. Suggested donations: benefactor ($100), patron ($75), supporter ($50) or friend ($25), however any amount is greatly appreciated. Please submit your donation to the Easton Senior Center, 650 Morehouse Road, by August 25th. We appreciate your generosity.

Have a nice week end,


**Press release from the office of First Selectman Bindelglass**

Kevin A. Perras