U.S. government to end combustion vehicle use by 2035

Key points

  • President Joe Biden to sign executive order
  • Light vehicle fleet to go zero emissions by 2027
  • Up to 3.1 billion kilograms of greenhouse gases expected to be saved

The United States government is increasing its load towards zero-emission vehicles, with its entire fleet set to move away from internal combustion by 2035.

President Joe Biden is set to sign an executive order that will see the implementation of more than 645,000 government-owned zero-emission vehicles by 2035, the first step of the plan coming into effect by 2027, having a impact on the fleet of light vehicles.

Beginning in 2022, the Department of Homeland Security will begin its testing process to evaluate the Ford Mustang Mach-E for law enforcement purposes, a fleet that currently numbers around 30,000 vehicles.


Estimates of The Washington Post showed that the US federal fleet travels approximately 7.2 billion kilometers per year, consuming 1.5 billion liters of fossil fuels while emitting more than 3.1 billion kilograms of greenhouse gases.

The executive order is one of the pillars of the Biden administration’s goals of achieving zero net government emissions by 2050, with clean electricity and a targeted 65% reduction by 2030.

Electric vehicle infrastructure in the United States has recently received a major boost with the US $ 1.2 trillion (AU $ 1.63 billion) infrastructure bill affecting around US $ 7.5 billion (10 , AU $ 18 billion) to a national grid.

Previously, Biden had asked U.S. automakers to sign a voluntary pledge to ensure that 40% of their production volume by 2030 comes from electric vehicles, primarily targeting the Big Three, as the country is experiencing a period of new boom. electric vehicles, including Tesla and Rivian.

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Kevin A. Perras