Valmet Oyj Introduces Grate Combustion Vision Application for Waste-to-Energy Grate Boilers

Commercial press release from Valmet Oyj on March 23, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. EET

Valmet presents a new Valmet Grate Combustion Vision application for moving grate boilers in waste-to-energy plants. The application detects the flame and measures the location of the flame front on the grid. This improves flame monitoring and helps optimize combustion, resulting in maximized grate capacity and less downtime.

“We wanted to develop a tool to increase waste load and flow without risking overloading the grate. Valmet Grate Combustion Vision recognizesthe flame front and indicates where combustion occurs. The location of the flame front can be controlled by individually adjusting the speed of each grate. This is essential when maximizing the load in the waste-to-energy grate boiler where fuel quality varies and cannot be predicted,” says Timo Ojanentechnical product manager, Valmet.

Clear view of the grid

The request is used with the Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System, a rugged, air-cooled HD visible camera combined with a high-resolution thermal sensor for real-time temperature measurements. It is designed for durability and longevity in hot and dusty environments, providing a tool for comprehensive observation and analysis of furnace environments.

Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging Systemand the new application offer an improvement visibility into the process from start up to full load conditions.JMeasured information about the location of the flame front can be used to maximize throughput.

Real-time flame detection and monitoring in Tammervoima

The application has been developed and tested with The Tammervoima waste-to-energy plant in Finland.

“Our factory is one of the most reliable and Valmet’s camera system with expanded functionality supports our goal of continuous operation in the future,”said Mika PekkinenCEO, Tammervoima.

The customer wanted to avoid unnecessary downtime and process disruption while improving grid visibility. The app measures the location of the flame front and combustion intensity parameters from the camera image and gives a clearer view of the grate.

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